Combined Industries Theft Solutions

July 2020


CITS Members the CPA were alerted on Friday to the theft over night of a mini-excavator. The Kubota U27-4 Mini-excavator, Serial Number 63846 was taken using a van at 19:10pm.

The vehicle was on the move from 19:30 onwards, it passed through the A1060 Park Way where a ANPR camera spotted it. The machine was heading towards the Army and Navy roundabout then down through Essex Yeomanry Way, crossed under the A12 onto the Southend Road leading onto main Road where the tracking device lost signal.

The digger was stolen from West Avenue in Chelmsford. The transit is believed to be a Mark 6 recovery truck, with a white cab and silver back with flashing beacons. This is quite a distinctive truck, also where the wheels are different colours.

The excavator is mainly orange and had black stickers on it, with 'Lewis Digger Hire' on.

If you have any information please contact faye@cits.uk.com

Kubota U27-4 Mini-Excavator Kubota U27-4 Mini-Excavator