Combined Industries Theft Solutions

July 2020


CITS have today been made aware that National Grids identity is being used in an attempt to defraud suppliers. The scam has been targeted at both current and prospective supplier. Be aware and be vigilant is the message from CITS so that your company does not become a victim.

The scam involves fraudsters:

  • sending suppliers an email posing as National Grid employees requesting quotes for goods
  • subsequently sending falsified requests resembling genuine National Grid purchase orders
  • stating an address for delivery that is not associated with National Grid
  • not making payment for the goods once delivered
  • using a similar domain name ‘nationolgrid[.]com’ and email address ‘nationalgridplcltd[@]gmail.com,’ or being re-routed to a fraudulent website.

Common indicators of fraud and how to spot them

  • Use of a false, unknown or unfamiliar contact from National Grid. Do not contact the name/number used on the email/purchase order
  • Email communications contain the incorrect domain name. A valid National Grid email address will always end in @nationalgrid.com. Hovering over the email address may reveal the originator’s email address if different from that displayed. Click here for further guidance on cyber crime
  • Poorly written communications with grammatical, spelling or language errors
  • Phone numbers not associated with National Grid. Do not attempt to call any phone numbers contained within the fraudulent emails as they may attract a large, international service charge.
  • Unusually large quantities are requested
  • The request asks for a very short delivery timescale – e.g. priority/overnight delivery
  • The request uses the names of National Grid’s senior management / executive team. Senior managers and board of directors will never be the first point of contact for such requests

What to do if you suspect fraudulent activity

  • Contact the National Grid Business Services Frontdesk to verify the validity of the request. If the request is found to be fraudulent then report this to the National Grid Procurement Compliance Team
  • Consult with your IT or cyber security advisors to ensure you are informed on how to identify a suspicious communication.
  • Report the incident on Action Fraud, the UK’s national reporting centre for fraud and cybercrime in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. You can report fraud or cybercrime using their online reporting service at any time. You can also get help by calling 0300 123 2040 to speak to their fraud and internet crime specialists.

If you have any information please contact faye@cits.uk.com