Combined Industries Theft Solutions

August 2020


CITS have been alerted by a number of large businesses engaged in the construction industry that have been targeted by fraudsters.

One company on at least 4 occasions over the last 6 months has fallen victim to identity fraud, Criminals have targeted companies and used their branding, Executive’s names and signatures to create false orders for large quantities of metal items such a galvanised steel and copper. Each time the fraud occurred they have contacted a company in Europe stating that there was a difficulty sourcing the material in the UK due to Covid-19 crisis. They have also used a different country on each occasion.

Each order placed has been of high value and has ranged from 100,000 - 350,000 euros and two of the 4 attempts have been successful, this has resulted in a significant loss. The orders placed were delivered to an address in Essex, but payment was never received.

A report has been made to Action Fraud and the National Crime Agency (NCA) has been contacted. The NCA has stated that if the European companies have a UK entity, or the criminals are proven to be from the UK, then they may be able to help.

Since CITS have been alerted of the issues, other members have come forward to say that they have also fallen victim to numerous identity frauds.

CITS urges all companies to stay alert and adopt the various guidelines on the CITS website, to help protect their company.

If anyone has any information on this issue, then please contact faye@cits.uk.com