Combined Industries Theft Solutions

December 2021


CITS has been informed that there was a theft of a 1.5 tonne mini-excavator and two alloy towers from the Braintree area of Essex on 24th November 2021.

Individuals had entered the plant-hire depot and used - what appears to be - legitimate forms of ID, and paid the deposits using credit cards. The hirers/customers had given numerous legitimate company names including: SB Civils and Jackson Civils. The hirers/customers have used different false identities including the names of Stephen McGill, Daniel Coste, and Russell Courtney. The telephone numbers used are: 07444 641539, 07444 046904, 07876 482704, and 07983 818945.

The individuals were described as being eastern European, and have been known to respond aggressively when questioned over their proof of ID.

The mini-excavator had been fitted with a tracker, but because the machine hadn’t been used for several days, this prompted the plant owner to investigate, and recover the machine. However, the alloy towers remain missing.

Communication with other plant hire companies in the area have revealed that they have been also been targeted by these individuals, and had also suffered losses.

If your company is approached by these individuals, then either contact your local police, ringing ‘101’, or email the police’s new OPAL Agricultural and Construction Equipment Unit (ACE) - opal@westmercia.pnn.police.uk